Business Promotion: Facebook Marketing

Business Promotion via Facebook Marketing is well known internet marketing method. Facebook is just a traffic giant and there is nothing else to say about this traffic source. But I have to say my personal experiences about Facebook marketing!!!!

How people earn money from Facebook? and What you do on Facebook? Yes, these are the most common questions many people asked me about Facebook marketing. At first here is a devil’s laugh (ha ha…..) As so far I know no one earn from Facebook at all but Facebook itself earn a great amount from all.  I think 99% (Ninty Nine Percentage) of total Facebook users are active on Facebook only for social networking. Very often they activities limited to updating status, uploading images, videos, commenting on wall and send receive messages.

I hope you found the turns of Facebook marketing, you should not be a ordinary social networking gig, you must do something else, you have to do something special. If you can drive any person from Facebook to your business page who are interested with your products/service/offers anyway you may earn a little amount. If you like to gather your little earning to make a significant amount you must repeat your Facebook marketing activities. Your earning would depend on your products/service/offers so you must be aware about what your are promoting via Facebook activities.

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